“There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?”
John 6:9 

 The lad was singing the hymn with all his heart, “Little is much when God is in it” as he approached the hands of Jesus. We have a lad with a little lunch in his hand, but we have a Lord who can do a whole lot with it. Here was a lad with a little lunch who hooked up with the Lord. Surrounding them is dilemma- a mass of people that are desperate, confused and lost with a great need to be fed by Jesus! Jesus was looking for some nameless man or woman who might just have a lunch. The little lad sees a confused mass of people and clueless disciples, but in the middle of it all, He see Christ. And so he presents himself as a living sacrifice and says, “use me Jesus”! I see him saying, “Here I am Lord, here’s what I have, it’s all I have,  but you can have it.” Today the Lord Jesus is looking for some lads to give Him all they have.
We live in a very “ me” crazy society. I got bread “for me”, I got money “for me”, got clothes “for me”, got cars “for me”, got phones “for me”. We could learn a lot from this little lad- He knew his momma made him the lunch and his daddy gave it to him, but he would rather give it to Jesus than keep it for himself.

Notice, he gave it all. Not one loaf or two, but all five loaves and both catfish. I imagine he gave Him the hot sauce too. LOL! You see, the lad believed something we all need to believe- the best thing I can do, is take everything God has put in my hands and put it back in His hands. Jesus can do a whole lot more with it than we can. In our hands, our lunch only feeds ourselves, but in His hands it can feed 20,000. Look around you today- there is a mass of people who are lost, hungry, desperate and confused. So let’s give all we have to Jesus and watch Him multiply it and feed all the people around us, with even leftovers to spare. Be sure to give God your lunch today. It may be just a little lunch, but in His hands,  its huge!

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