“And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.”
Matthew 15:27

In the times of Jesus, kings had what was called “lap dogs”. They were dogs who would sit on their Master’s lap and hold their mouth open wide waiting for a crumb to fall. The dog never complained or disputed his position because he knew he didn’t belong in the Kings palace anyway. The little canine was just thankful to be in the masters lap and whatever crumb may fall, to him it was like manna from heaven. So it was with this Syrophoenician woman, who had a great need: her daughter was graciously vexed with a devil. So this woman knew the only one who could fill her need was the King of King’s- Jesus. She came with her mouth open wide, all of her adversity could not stop her from worshipping, praying, or crying out. She was a violent woman who took heaven by force. She persevered through the silence of Jesus and she was so determined, even the disciples self righteous attitude could not keep her mouth shut. Most persons would have already left the church by now and cried of how they had been offended,  but not this lap dog. She came with a mouth that could not be closed. She continued to worship and when Jesus told her she was a dog and had no place at His table, one would have thought that would have done it. But like a true lap dog- she opens her mouth and says “Truth, Lord”- I am a dog, I am not in a covenant with you and I deserve no place at your table. But even a dog can get the children’s crumbs. We need to get a hold of this woman’s faith for she knew something we all need to believe. She knew just one crumb of King cake would deliver her daughter. Just one crumb would make the difference in her life because of whose bread it was. She knew even though it was just a crumb it had all the same ingredients of the entire cake. One crumb of His grace is all I need. Just one crumb has the mercy and truth I need. One crumb has the power and provision I need. Just one crumb can make a way where there is no way. Just one crumb has everything the King has put in his cake so just let me have a crumb. So come with your mouth open today and Thank God for King cake and thank God for the crumbs!

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