-Pastor Ryan Moreaux

March 3, 2020 

Genesis 15:11

And when the fowls came down upon the carcases, Abram drove them away.

Isn’t it amazing that the moment you try to do something for God, the buzzards show up and try to take it away? Abraham was trying to obey God and offer up a sacrifice and as soon as he did, the buzzards started flying around. Just know dear friend, the moment you offer up a sacrifice of praise, thanksgiving, or service to God, the buzzards will show up to try and take it away. You need to get the faith of Abraham and run them off! The buzzard of shame, the buzzard of embarrassment, the buzzard of doubt, the buzzard of fear, the buzzard of acceptance, the buzzard of religion, the buzzard of condemnation, the buzzard of hurt will come down and try to devour your sacrifice. Don’t let the buzzards take away your worship, your praise, your shout, your joy, your thanks, your service, your witness, your preaching, or your prayers. It’s time to run the buzzards off!

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