March 24, 2020

-Pastor Tyler Alexander

20/20 Vision

Look at it this way.

“He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.”

Psalms 40:2 KJV  

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to take my youngest daughter to altitude while the rest of the family was at school and work. If you know Emily she loves to run, jump, and get into anything that is off limits, she is much like her father. As we jumped and hopped around on the trampolines, Emily continued to jump into the foam block pits that are spread around Altitude. It wasn’t enough for Emily to hop in there but it came with a repeated, “come on daddy!”. So as any father would do when he hears that plea from the one’s he loves call, I hopped right in the pit with her. Sounds familiar huh? 

Hopping into the pit with Emily I quickly noticed that I was a novice in getting myself out. The foam pits at altitude are not “adults with bad knees and backs” friendly. The more I squirmed to get out of the pit the deeper I sank. Here I am in the best shape of my life and my 4 yr old daughter is doing laps around me, in and out of the pit. Short breathed and red faced me, looked over at Emily and noticed how her little 50 lbs. was making it so easily in and out. I was trying to swim my way out and Emily was using the foam blocks, the substance of the pit, as stepping stones! The hard parts that were keeping me down were as a rock upon her feet. 

Here’s the matter church, just as I called out to God, once I was down in the miry clay, my Father in heaven, in all of His glory, and all of His love, heard my cry, and sent down His only begotten Son for me! When I aimlessly jumped in and was drowning in the pit, when I was fighting to get out, I was just sinking deeper, closing in on my last breaths of life. I fought in that pit until I died. My Savior, Christ Jesus, took the hard parts, took the pain, took the crown of thorns, took the marks on His body, took the cross, took the eternal death, that was meant for me, and used those hard parts in the pit to walk right out of the grave, victoriously! Look at it this way! There may be some hard parts, some rocks that seem as if they’re falling in on you right now, don’t wallow around in the pit, use the hard parts as stepping stones! Follow your Savior to the cross today and I promise you by the authority of God’s Word there’s an empty tomb on the other side! Look at today’s hard parts this way! 

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