April 20, 2020

-Pastor Ryan Moreaux


Psalms 137:4
How shall we sing the LORD’S song in a strange land?

A child of God is in a terrible predicament when they lose their song. When that sweet melody of praise in your heart stops beating for God, the devil has succeeded. My fellow brothers and sisters in Christ , we must understand that we are in a strange land. This world is not our home for we have been translated into the kingdom of His dear son. We are just pilgrims passing through awaiting to see the place God has prepared for us. We are now walking and living in enemy territory. And the enemy will do alot of things to come against you. He will go after your body, your mind, your family, your reputation and much more. But what he is really after is your song! He wants the praise and heartbeat for God to stop and belong to him. He will try to bring things in your life that will tie you up. And he figures once he gets you captive, he will get you down. But the saddest thing is in verse 4 when you go from losing your stance for God to losing your song!!! As we see in psalm 137, Once you get led captive, you will begin to hang up your harps and then sit down on God. Don’t lose heart today dear friend! You may be down and the enemy has got you tied up but what you need to realize , and what the enemy doesn’t know, is that you got something in you that can break every chain and help you stand up again—- YOUR SONG! Praise God in the midst of your prison and you will be set free. Praise God in the midst of your storm and watch the sun begin to shine again!! Oh dear friend, You may lose your voice but don’t lose your song. Sing unto the Lord with gladness for the joy of the Lord is your strength! You must Keep singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord. So whatever predicament you are in today, make sure you DONT LOSE YOUR SONG!!


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