April 30, 2020

-Pastor JP Moreaux

And it came to pass at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made: – Genesis 8:6

The blinds on my living room window are broken in several places literally ripped in two by a particular toddler Hulk. The glass panes are smudged and smeared with little tiny hand prints and infant breath marks. The drawstrings used to raise/ lower the blinds are now inoperable due to a 2 year old boy who doesn’t know his own strength. From the inside looking out, the window looks awful if I’m being honest. It looks beat up and in desperate need of repair and cleaning. But let me tell you what it looks like from the outside looking in. It looks like a 2 year old boy who is crying, ready for daddy to be home, and momma said “he’ll be home shortly.” It looks like a dependent, lonely child knows his daddy is soon approaching in his truck and he is desperate to see him. If he can just see the headlights. If he can just see the truck come around the bend in the drive. And then…. he does! And I? I see the marks of breath from a child who’s been panting in his wait. I see sweaty palm print smudges. I see the teary residue of what was once pain and defeat. I actually witness what was a frown become a smile that I never want to forget. Jubilation! Fruition! A window! He hasn’t yet got into my arms. We haven’t yet traded “I love yous.” We’ve yet to play and hit balls or build puzzles. But because of the window… because he just got a glimpse… he knows all of those things are most assuredly coming! And thus now all is well in his world because of what cometh through “his” window! As it is in this devotion’s passage, Noah was stuck in isolation. No end in sight. Uncertainty and fear surrounded him. He had no idea where he was, what he was going to do, nor what was to come. But Noah too had a window! He opened it, used it as a means to send out and receive his dove, and soon would garner affirmation that the flood waters receded. He would soon know that he was safe. That he was sure. That he was secure. Not because he would set foot on dry ground; but because he hand a window to peer out. He had a window for God to reveal some things, to speak some things, to show some things. Just like Noah and just like my son, if you and I could just get to the window that God has allotted us! Search the Scriptures. Behold in a glass the glory of the Lord. Get to the window of His Word. Pray without ceasing. Make your requests known to God. Get to the glass panes of Godly Prayer. Rip the blinds off of them! Pull back the drawstrings! Smudge, beat, and pant! God hears your cry! He is mindful of you! He’s all that you need, and He’s not going to leave you nor forsake you! He’s coming! Get to your window and stay their with faithful anticipation; You’ll soon see the headlights! There’s Daddy! You’ll soon receive the olive leaf in the mouth of your dove! There’s everything you’ve been looking for! Right there in your window!

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