May 11, 2020
– Brother Steven Gallagher
Good Day on this blessed Monday Brothers and Sisters. I hope you are well. My the peace of the Lord be with you. 
A reflection of life’s delicate changes and challenges always returns my thoughts to Job.
Job’s life changed in an instance of time. Many times over and day by day.  So much loss, grief, trauma. Who could understand such tragic events. 
We are told Job…. is perfect and upright and one that feared Elohim and eschewed evil. Job 1.1. 
How can this ever happen to anyone?
 Job wondered; what is God saying? God are you talking to me? Is it I?

Think about the conversations from Job chapter 4 to 37. 
A calamity comes and Job tries all angles to review what happened with a wife and friends. All chiming in. They appear to be well knowledged in their own way of saying this happened this way or that way. And speaking of things not in context with God.
 How can one find peace in such a spot?

For such as a time as now; I can not see or know the calamity in your life and see the experience of your daily walk to your peace; as it may be different than mine. 
What I can say today and what I do know and strongly believe in; is God is there for you and us.
Follow along this week. Review the book of Job and see what happens from calamity to God. 
I look forward to your return on Tuesday. 
See what happens when God enters the scene.

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