May 15, 2020

Steven Gallagher
Fellowship Friday is here friends. 
Sabbath is upon us. Gather together with those you Love and share the story of God.
Between Job 38 and 40:14 we have just been witnessed to by God Himself. Testifying the full picture of creation and the foundation of the kingdom of the world. The good news. Amen!

I can hear my two favorite lines at the end of a story:
Bob Ross. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I. Until next time, God bless.
Paul Harvey ….and that’s the rest of the story. Good Day.
However, my friends God on Thursday didn’t just Save and end the story.
He Stayed!
Job 40:15 -41:34 is His staying power and confirmation of His Love built for you in this creation and creation of you. The purpose and communion with His Son Jesus.
 This Fellowship with God is now personal. And God wants to ensure you have understanding.
It’s a great example of things to come from Jesus. 
 Job 40:15 starts a parable of understanding.

The understanding shows taking a deeper look into the relationship between God and Man.
God illustrates the creation, the size and scope of his creation and all the providing using the image of the beast. Secondly he illustrated the scope of Himself which surrounds everything he made under heaven and how he arranged it and set its ordiances and limitations through telling this story of behemoth.
God describes the principles of knowledge and what it is given for comforts and dewelling; food and shelter. God gave man the Earth and instructions for it. Do you see the parallel?
Then in Chapter 41 God draws Job back to Authority and limits. He draws the conclusion of the beast (Man) capabilities and limitations based on the instructions which are set by God and His Son. 
With the confrimation of verse Job 40:14 the Son, in verse 41:3 -11 God shows through the beast (Man); the beast (Man) he can not be God or make supplication, a covenant or set judgement such as God with the Son.
God also continues to set the bounds of authority from the maker to the made.  The made, man, can not mistake this role and role given in dominion. 
Job 41: 11 Who hath prevented me, that I should repay him? whatsoever is under the whole heaven is mine.
You are not given Authority. And by your own eyes mind or heart are you able to see it.

God continues Job 41:12. I will not conceal his parts nor his power, nor his comely proportion.
Can you see and draw a parraell into with your relationship with God as with the Beast?  

Refresh yourself in your rest on Saturday with the conclusion of our study Job Chapter 42.

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