June 2, 2020
-Pastor Ryan Moreaux

Ephesians 4:1-3
I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called, ……
Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Now if we are to walk worthy, we are to walk together. We’re to walk in unity. We’re to walk in fellowship one with the other. And I see God doing a wonderful and a strange thing in these last days. As the days grow darker, the saints are growing brighter. And the saints of God—all true saints and all true denominations—are coming together in a love for the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I am not talking about the ecumenical movement. That, my dear friend, is union, but not unity. I’m talking not about some manmade organization, not some manmade union, but I’m talking about the blessed unity of the Holy Spirit. All Christians may not be together in all things. There may not be unanimity in doctrine. There may not be unification of denomination. But, bless God, there is a unity of the Spirit that is built around one Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ. And I say, the sooner the better.
There is a story I heard a long time ago: a story of a young man and his wife who were very much in love, who lived in Alberta, Canada. And they went out one moonlit night in the time of harvesting to walk, and the golden moon was there shining upon the wheat fields. The wheat fields, like a golden ocean, were there waving in the breeze and in the moonlight. It was so beautiful. They had their little son with them. And this couple, in love, with the little boy, walking through the wheat fields, enjoying the beauty, forgot for a while where the little boy was. And he was just a little toddler, not even old enough to go to school. And then suddenly they realized he was no longer with them. At that particular moment, the wife went in one direction and the husband in the other, and they started calling him, thinking they would find him immediately. But they got further and further away from the spot that they first missed him. And they realized they had misplaced him in thousands of acres, and they realized that before long the coldness of the Canadian night would be settling. And the little fellow was not heavily dressed, and they feared for his safety. And so, while the wife stayed there, the husband hurried back to the village and called the people and said, “Come help us. We’ve got to find our son.” And so the people, as many as could, came there in Alberta to help them look through the wheat fields. And it seemed as though they literally threshed the wheat looking for this little fellow. And they prayed, and searched, and looked, and called.
And, finally, as the night grew on in its bitterness, one man said, “There must be a better way than this.” He said, “Let’s get organized.” And he said, “Let us make a human chain. Let us stretch out, and let’s join hand to hand.” And then he said, “We’ll sweep these fields. We’ll go up one side, and then we’ll turn around, and we’ll come back the other—and if he’s in here, we’ll find him.” Up and down they went until suddenly there was a cry: “I found him!” And everybody rushed together to the lifeless form of the little fellow who had died of exposure. Strong men wept, according to the story that I read, and one voice was heard to say, “O God, why didn’t we join our hands together sooner?”
And I wonder how many people are going to slip out through the jaws of death into a Christless eternity because of a church that has not joined hands soon enough. Our heavenly Father has said that we are to walk in unity (Ephesians 4:3). Its time that we truly get together and sweep the fields -for the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few!

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