🚨An Important Update 🚨

Good morning Kenwood Family,

I’m sure by now most of you have heard Pastor’s message last night concerning the church and our current status. For those who haven’t I want to inform you of where we are at:

We will NOT be having in house worship this Sunday, July 12. Services will be ONLINE ONLY starting at 10 AM. Please be sure to tune in and worship with us, lament with us, and receive Heavenly Manna with us. We will tentatively return to in house worship Sunday, July 19. Until then the doors will be closed. We ask that no one go into the church building during this period.

The reason for all of this as most of you now know is our beloved Pastor Tyler Alexander has tested positive for COVID-19. Currently, he is fine and well thank the Lord. Continue to pray for him and his family, reach out to him, and support/exhort/encourage him at all expense. In light of this fact and after much deliberation/contemplation, due to the fact that he was in house this prior Sunday we have decided to take utmost precaution for the sake of Kenwood and her body. You. We will have the entire church building professionally disinfected. The doors will remain locked. Lord willing we will resume in-house worship amongst the fellowship of the saints Sunday, July 19.

I hope you have read this far as this is the most important part of this PSA. Do NOT fret. Do NOT fear. Do NOT worry. God did not give you the spirit of fear. He is for us! And if He is for us who or what (yes, even COVID-19) can be against us?! We know the end of the story, church! To God be the glory! I suggest and beseech to you as one of your pastors that we as a church fast and pray together during this period. To really sink our hooks deep into the heart of God. To lament together like we never have before that we may receive discernment, wisdom, and revelation concerning what God would have us do moving forward. It is high time! Let us wake up, arise, and go to work! While the rest of the world is running scared in a panic, may we stand firm and steadfast on Truth and Promise! This time is not an oppression. It’s an opportunity! An opportunity to shed light abroad into darkness, to speak life unto death, to express love amidst hate, to cultivate peace amongst the chaos, to quintessentially be the Church of The Living God! Let us not forsake it! Pray for Tyler. Pray for Kenwood. Lean unto the Author and Finisher of your faith! Love your neighbor! Endure until the end that thou be saved! Doors are shut and locked on a building, but His Church is NEVER “closed”. I love you all so much! May God’s blessing and favour be upon you.

In Jesus’ Name,
Pastor J.P. Moreaux

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